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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons




After the queen died , the King married another woman, who was in effective terms a witch. She was so jiealous of the beauty of Princess Snow White that she asked someone to take her life.But the man was unwilling to do that evil. At last ,he took Snow White to a forest and let her escape.However, one day ,the witch found that Snow White was still alive.She dressed up as a old grandma and come to the cottage where Snow White lived.She gave her a poisonous apple.Poor Snow White knew nothing about it and ate the apple happily.Unfortunately ,she fell down because of the apple.The seven dwarfs was sad but put her in a coffin.It was when holding the funeral that the handsome Prince turned up.He was impressed by the beauty.He came down and kissed Snow White.Then, suepringly,Snow White woke up.Finally ,they got married and stayed happily with each other.