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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons

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《幸福就在你身边 》 英语故事带翻译

Happiness on around youI shall be leaving the school two years time, in this two years, I have a lot of time to recall, thinking, is more a mood to miss the past. The past have great strength so that I can not forget.A lot of time in schools is happy, let me retrospect there is a sense of unspeakable. I often in the QQ and university students in the school about the feeling, no one does not want to return to the past. We also frequently laments that have been passed not think of those things. Right ah! After all, we are out of school for the society, life, future and happiness.I often think why people love and because of, but because the emotional separation.I think this and everyone''s EQ is great, EQ for career success is 80%. Love, but the impact is 100 percent happy. I will not be the last to think also do not know what is business, particularly in the high school on time, what I have to think very few, perhaps some people think I was in a class clown. Experience tells me there is no feelings of failure than a man''s temper, feelings of failure for a man to recall the last time and, once the details of the screening. I also frequently than men did not make a heap of Potonglantie after mechanical drilling, milling, Mody will never be issued by the nature of light, always waste. Adopted by the women in their feelings, please do not easily give up all right » You may wish to try out the emotional run-in period is what kind of love? » Embroidery is a woman''s expertise, you use the time to a week to your favorite embroidered things out, and you store your favorite things I think you bought the mood is certainly not the same, but also in the process you embroidery Embroidered in a very difficult place, not even possible to handle stabbed pain, such as you complete your sense of achievement is certainly not the sameI now understand that in the past has always been a misunderstanding, a lot of love is no words to express out of love is the intention to understand them. For example, you work to the bar! You and your girlfriend says I can say that in the past occasionally work overtime, your next girlfriend will knowWhy in the management areas like the Western management to come to China not to use the Chinese people is the intention of management to control, enterprises will not use nanny mentality of the people to do with the management of such a person to manage the enterprises do not have the combat power . Management also bad he would not manage. The world''s greatest love is maternal love, so people really want to love more spiritual experience more physical than the language of the honey too many good words to many.On a lot of love I think of how to operate in love, not to go because of his emotions to influence, that we have to improve EQ! To be a high emotional quotient of the people. First of all live to be a mood, ready to remind their emotions. I wrote an "emotional broadcast live on the" do not talk about the more. Institute of operating on the extraordinary happiness remote, it in our ordinary every day.I sincerely wish you the, you forgive the past, new experiences, good grasp a day of happiness »

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